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Esaret (Captivity) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

What is the synopsis of daily Turkish Series Esaret (Captivity)? Who are in the cast? What about their character? Which channel and when will the series be released? 

A new daily series was prepared to be broadcast on Kanal 7 screens. What is the subject of the new diary series called Esaret? Let's share the information about who is in the cast of the slave series. Here is the cast of the new Kanal 7 daily series, Esaret. For now, only the leading male and female actors are known, and the casting works are continuing for the player's works.

Synopsis of Esaret (Captivity)

On the one hand, Oguz, burning with arrogance and revenge, on the other hand, Firuze, who is ready to take on the role assigned to him even though he is sinless... Oguz, the heir apparent of the Demirhanlı family, and Firuze, whom he thinks killed his twin brother, will take their place on the screen with the vengeful love of Firuze. Demirhanlı Mansion is shaken by bitter news. The leader of the family, the twin sister of the mighty Orhun Demirhanlı, was killed in Africa. 

Orhun, who punished the perpetrators, will now be guided by the fire of revenge in his heart. On the way back from Africa, there is a burning fire inside, and a slave girl, Hira, is next to her. From now on, neither the world will be the same as before nor Orhun Demirhanlı. As fate drags the desert winds to Istanbul; A proud and a victim are on the same path now. And capture has begun once.

esaret synopsis cast
Image Via @Kanal 7

The subject of the Slave series, the new daily series of Channel 7 screens, appears in the first promotional trailer of a person who is chained to his feet. The fact that the person chained to his feet, seen in the trailer of the Bondage series, actually contains a message. The fact that the captivity series is chained from his feet is a metaphor for us, that is, a chained person is not in the series in real terms. Seeing such a person in the trailer means: to tell the life story of a person in captivity, whose heart is attached to where he does not want. We will inform you in our topic when the actors of the series of captivity are clear. 

Esaret (Captivity) Filming Location

After the end of Yemin (The Promise) series, the daily series that will be screened on Kanal 7, Esaret, was filmed in which places, where were the shooting places. As you know, many TV series are filming on the TV series film set in Beykoz, Istanbul. Since it is a daily series, the captivity series, which usually uses indoor spaces, is also shooting in venues in Beykoz. 

All Episode of Esaret (Captivity)

Ep 1   Eps 2   Eps 3   Ep 4   Eps 5   Eps 6   Eps 7   Eps 8   Eps 9   Eps 10
Ep 11 Eps 12 Eps 13 Ep 14 Eps 15 Eps 16 Eps 17 Eps 18 Eps 19 Eps 20
Ep 21 Eps 22 Eps 23 Ep 24 Eps 25 Eps 26 Eps 27 Eps 28 Eps 29 Eps 30

Character Cast of Esaret (Captivity)

Karamel Yapım was also the production company of daily serials such as Adını Sen Koy, Yemin, Emanet. Following a successful graphic in all daily series, Karamel Yapım entered into the preparations for a new daily series. Who is in the cast of a new daily series, Esaret, which will be broadcast on Kanal 7 screens? Who is the leading female and male actor in Kanal 7 Esaret series, cast studies continue. As the characters of the cast of the slavery series become clear, they will be added to this topic. 

Cenk Torun play as Orhun Demirhanli

Born in 1974, Cenk Torun was born in Ankara. He is the son of Nurdan Torun. He took part in the clip of Yıldız Tilbe's song "My Boyfriend". He became famous for the first time in the series Crazy Bediş. He took part in the TV series Aynalı Tahir, We Are Not Innocent, Back Streets, Enough and You Name Your Name. 

Who is Orhun Demirhanli? He is a prescriptive, honest and reliable person who never compromises his proud attitude. He has a very strong personality; He follows his own truth and never believes in a second chance.

Mahassine Merabet play as Hira

Mahassine Merabet, born in 1999, Mahassine Merabet Tumay is studying acting at the Özokur Academy. Although he has been in Turkey for 3 years, many has become the advertising face of the company. Graduated from Mohammed V University in Media and Communication. He decided to come to Turkey thanks to a friend he met at the Turkish fair while he was studying at the university. After coming to Istanbul, he started his master's degree in Political Science and International Relations at Nişantaşı University.

Who is Hira? She is true to her word, helpful and very intelligent; She doesn't forget anything she sees and hears. He does not know what the feeling of freedom is. A wounded heart, unaware of what will happen to it, and resigned to its fate…”

Ali Yagiz Durmus play as Kenan

Ali Yağız Durmuş, who played a role in the TV series Esaretim Sensin, was born in 1996. He is a graduate of Celal Bayar University, Faculty of Sport Sciences. He was a guest actor in the series Gülizar for the first time. Afterwards, he took part in the series Baharı beklemek and Yemin.

Who is Kenan? He is a highly respected and highly successful lawyer who is renowned for his honesty. In order to protect the rights of those who have been wronged, it is strong and reckless to take anyone against it.

Hilal Anay play as Meryem

Hilal Anay born in 2000, actress Hilal Anay is a graduate of Akdeniz University. He introduced himself with his funny videos. He took a role in the TV series I've been passing by. Afterwards, she played the role of Gülsüm in the TV series Yemin. 

Who is Meryem? Emotional, calm, patient. When it comes to his loved ones, there is no sacrifice he will not make, there is no struggle he will not enter. He is honorable, proud and fair. bondage series who is mary

Melahat Abbasova play as Afife Demirhanli

Melahat Abbasova takes part in the series of Bondage. Who is Melahat Abbasova? Azerbaijani actor, born in 1969 in Azerbaijan, was known for his role in the TV series Binbir Gece. She previously acted in the TV series Super Baba, Never Forget, Emanet, Seddülhabir 32 Hours and Yemin.

Who is Afife Demirhanli? Orhun is the mother of Nihan and Nurşah, granddaughter of the pasha and a real iron lady. He takes his superiority and the weight of his word from his descendants. bondage series afife who

Mustafa Simsek as Sevket

Who is Mustafa Şimşek? He was born in 1965 in Ordu. He took part in the TV series Broken Hearts, İnci Yürek, Karadayı, Diriliş, Sevda Kuşun Wing and Yemin. mustafa simsek in the bondage series

Esra Demirci

Esra Demirci was born in 1982. She took part in the TV series Ateşe Uçan Kelebekler, Adını Sen koy, Yemin. 

Pervin Mert

Pervin Mert will play a role in the Esaret series, which will be broadcast on Kanal 7. Pervin Mert starred in the movie Iftarlık Gazoz. pervin mert bondage series cast

Yağmur Celik play as Nurşah

Yağmur Çelik will take a role in the series of Bondage. Yagmur Celik, who was included in the cast of the Bondage TV series, was one of the 2018 Miss Turkey contestants. rain steel bondage series

Who is Nurşah? Afife's last child; life energy is high, extraordinary, conscientious, hardworking and full of love. who is nursah in the bondage series

Kerem Tanik

Kerem Tanık was born in 1985. He starred in the TV series Hacı Bayram Veli, Diriliş Ertuğrul, Vatanım Sensin and Uyanış Buyuk Selcuklu. 

Cerensu Gulnaz Celik play as Nihan

Who is Nihan? She is a successful doctor whose helpfulness is legendary, open-minded, questions life, and above all Orhun's only twin brother. All the stereotypes imposed by the world are too narrow for him. Nothing is impossible for Nihan. cerensu gulnaz celik bondage series

Bulent Ergun

Bülent Ergün born in 1968, Bülent Ergün starred in the TV series Ergün Babam İçin, Kırmızı, Kaygısız Baş andTek Yürek series

Başak Durmaz

Başak Durmaz will take a role in the series of Slavery. Başak Durmaz, one of the captivity players, was born in 1987 in Istanbul. Black Pearl took part in the Pera Palasta Midnight TV series. Başak Durmaz social media account @basakdrmz basak durmaz new series bondage

Öncil Aktarıcı

Öncil Aktarıcı took acting training at Tümay Özokur Academy, MSM. He took part in the TV series Yalancı Romantik, Analı Oğullu, Ağlama Anne, and Aşk Kaç Beden Giyer bondage series.

Gözde Erdem

Who is Gözde Erdem, who plays a role in the series Bondage? Gözde Erdem is 27 years old. Gözde Erdem was born in 1994. He played in the TV series Bay Yanlış and Türkan Hanımın Konağı

Sinem Karacoban

Sinem Karaçoban is a child actress in the series. Hande Aytar is registered with the agency. He starred in the Red Room series. bondage series sinem karacoban

Zeki Ocak

Zeki Ocak will take a role in the series of Slavery. Zeki January 1947 in the TV series Esaret was born in Istanbul. Uncle Aykut, Have You Ever Seen a Firefly?, Deli Gönül, Warrior, Redemption, World State and such. clever january bondage series

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