Episode 67 Esaret (Captivity) Trailer And Summary

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Esaret (Captivity) 67th Episode released on Tuesday, March 14. Watch Esaret 67th episode trailer and here is the summary on March 14th. "Sparks of Love of Orhun and Hira… It will add the mansion to each other ...!"

Esaret 67th episode trailer has been released! What will happen in the 67th episode of Esaret? The slavery series continues with its new episodes. Esaret will be on the screen with its 67th episode on Tuesday, March 14. What happened in the last episode of Esaret, what will happen in the new episode of the captivity? Here are the trailer and the summary of the 67th episode of Esaret… 

Here is what will happen on Tuesday, March 14th in Esaret. Esaret 67th episodes, which is one of the most loved and followed series of Kanal 7 screens, are with you. The excitement continues in the series of Esaret. Orhun will not be able to give up on Hira. Orhun can no longer take his eyes off Hira. Evil glances began to betray the duo. Like eros, Nurşah always shoots his arrows at Hira. Hira is ready to lose her heart to Orhun.

Hira's aunt will be hosted in the mansion! Contrary to what we still expect, will he come to the opposite corner in the mansion? It would be nice to have an aunt to support Hira. A aunt who is limiting against Afife, Eda and Perihan is not bad at all! We cannot expect this incoming aunt to be a silent person.

episode 67 esaret
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Nurşah asks Hira to see what her brother has done for her. Since Hira does not know the truth, she is confused and starts to think that Orhun is really in love with her. We think Hira will learn the truth together with Afife! While Eda throws the bomb at the mansion and Orhun is not at home, Afife can throw it out when she learns that Nihan's murderer is Hira. Orhun will run after Hira.

Hira will put everything aside and think about what Orhun has done for her lately. It is very important for Hira that she finds someone from her family and makes an effort to find them. He liked Orhun's attitude towards the people at home and the support that Hira had not seen until this age. Hira from slavery began to breathe. 

The First Step Comes From Hira! Orhun and Hira will have a nice chat after all the bad things happened. Moreover, this offer comes to Orhun from Hira. Meryem's marriage was annulled. Kenan did not lose Meryem this time. Because Kenan arrived just in time! In this way, the secrets of the past can be opened.

Eda can't get enough of her evil. Eda found Orhun's computer password. He struggles with time to get into the computer and find the images. In addition, Eda happily pours Hira's joy into the meal, as if she were leaving it in the crop. At the end of the day, Hira gets scolding from Afife again. Orhun is unhappy with this behavior of his mother! Orhun looks angrily at how bad his mother is. Here are 67th episode trailer and episode summary of Esaret ...

Esaret (Captivity) Episode 67 Trailer 

A new daily series is coming from kanal 7! Esaret comes to the screen with its 67th episode on March 14. The story of Orhun, who wants to avenge his brother, and Hira, who is a prisoner of his conscience, aired every weekday at 07 P.M. Read Also All Episode of Esaret (Captivity)

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