Episode 27 Esaret (Captivity) Trailer And Summary

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Esaret (Captivity) 27th Episode released on Tuesday, December 27. Watch Esaret 27th episode trailer and here is the summary on December 27. "She's No Longer a Slave! She is My wife…"

Esaret 27th episode trailer has been released! What will happen in the 27th episode of Esaret? The slavery series continues with its new episodes. Bondage will air on Wednesday, December 27, with its 27th episode. What happened in the final episode of Esaret, what will happen in the new 27th episode of Esaret? Here are the trailers and the summary of the 27th episode of Esaret… 

The war between mother and her son. Watch the details of the 28th episode of Escape, which is one of the most loved and most followed series of Kanal 7 screens. The new series of Esaret continues with all its excitement. Ms. Afife learned that Hira was a slave! Her reaction was, as expected, severe. What will Orhun's answer be to his mother? Is it again Hira who takes the heavy blow in this war between mother and son?

esaret episode 27
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Her Name is Hira Demirhanli! The news that Hira was a slave and Orhun adopted her and brought her home deeply hurt Afife Hanım. His family's reputation has been shattered. She tries to understand what Orhun is aiming for in her own eyes. Orhun says that he has made Hira a Demirhan now and that he is his wife. He asks his mother not to prolong this matter any longer. Mrs. Afife is not a woman to sweep this issue under the carpet. She will turn the arrow's direction towards Hira and try to get to know her better.

Orhun wants Hira to be vigilant against her mother. It kind of reminds him of the rules of the game. Now she wants him to adapt to his new life and act like the lady of the house. Afife Hanım steps into Hira and asks her questions about her past. Afife, on the other hand, encounters answers she does not want to hear. Afife learns that she is the slave of Nihan's murderer and is devastated!

Esaret (Captivity) Episode 27 Trailer    

A new daily series is coming from kanal 7! Esaret comes to the screen with its 27th episode on December 27. The story of Orhun, who wants to avenge his brother, and Hira, who is a prisoner of his conscience, aired every weekday at 07 P.M. Read Also All Episode of Esaret (Captivity)

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