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Episode 88 Esaret (Captivity) Trailer And Summary

Esaret (Captivity) 88th Episode released on Wednesday, April 12th. Watch Esaret 88th episode trailer and here is the summary on April 12th. "Who Wants Hira to Die ....?"

A dark hand reaches out towards Hira. Who wants to harm Hira? What are Kahya and Afife planning? Esaret 88th episode trailer has been released! What will happen in the 88th episode of Esaret? The slavery series continues with its new episodes. Esaret will air on Wednesday, April 12, with its 88th episode. What happened in the end episode of Esaret? Here are the detail ...

Here are the details in the summary of the 88th episode of Esaret. Here's what will happen on Wednesday, April 12 in Esaret. Esaret 88th episodes, which is one of the most loved and most followed series of Kanal 7 screens, are with you. Hira was playing blindfold with Nurşah to entertain Ali. Hira realizes that she touched Orhun later and is quite embarrassed. Nurşah embarrasses Hira even more. He keeps telling Ali that his aunt and uncle are in love with each other.

esaret episode 88

Likewise, Nurşah does not pass without touching her brother. He says that he can hear his heartbeat and see his love for Hira and that he is very happy for her. Who is trying to enter her room while Hira is sleeping? We can notice that this is a man's hand. Is this person the housekeeper or someone on the opposite corner that we didn't expect? What was the subject that Afife said hurry up? Kenan, on the other hand, reopens the school doors for Meryem. He is ready to support him to complete his unfinished school.

Esaret (Captivity) Episode 88 Trailer 

A new daily series is coming from kanal 7! Esaret comes to the screen with its 88th episode on April 12nd. The story of Orhun, who wants to avenge his brother, and Hira, who is a prisoner of his conscience, aired every weekday at 07 P.M. Read Also All Episode of Esaret (Captivity)

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