Episode 158 Esaret (Captivity) Trailer And Summary

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Esaret (Captivity) 158th Episode released on Wednesday, July 19th. Watch Esaret 158th episode trailer and here is the summary on July 19th. "Esaret Is Tell The Story of The duel of revenge and love meets the audience with the new TV series of Kanal 7"

Excitement is at its peak in Esaret series! Here is the new 158th episode trailer! What will happen in the 158th episode of Esaret series? It is eagerly awaited what will happen in the 158th episode of the Turkish  Series Esaret, which meets with the audience every evening on Kanal 7 screens. Esaret, which meets with the audience on Kanal 7 with its new episodes every weekday evening at 19:00, draws attention with its exciting scenes.

The Love Mixed With Revenge Between Orhun and Hira The series of Esaret is about the love between Orhun, who is burning with arrogance and revenge, and Hira, who is ready to take on the role that has been given to her even though she is sinless. Orhun, the heir to the Demirhanlı family, is full of vengeance towards Hira, whom he thinks killed his twin brother. However, this love is shaped in the shadow of revenge and is brought to the screen with the series of Esaret.

esaret episode 158
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Bitter News in Demirhanlı Mansion. In the 158th episode of Esaret series, Demirhanlı Mansion is shaken by bitter news. The twin sister of Orhun Demirhanlı, the leader of the family, falls victim to a terrible murder in Africa, where he went on duty. Orhun vows revenge to punish his sister's murderers. Trying to live with this vengeance, Orhun brings a slave girl, Hira, with him on his way back from Africa. Nothing will ever be the same anymore.

A Victim's Journey with a Pride. As fate drags the desert winds to Istanbul, Orhun and Hira meet on the same road. Both were enslaved for different reasons. While Orhun struggles to avenge his brother, Hira is a prisoner of his conscience. While telling the story of these two characters, the series Captivity opens the doors of a magical world to the audience.

Esaret (Captivity) Episode 158 Trailer  

A new daily series is coming from kanal 7! Esaret comes to the screen with its 158th episode on July 19th. The story of Orhun, who wants to avenge his brother, and Hira, who is a prisoner of her conscience, aired every weekday at 07 P.M. Read Also All Episode of Esaret (Captivity)

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