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Mahassine Merabet Short Biography And Profile: Turkish Actress

Who is Hira Character in the series Esaret (Captivity)? Who is Mahassine Merabet? Here is Her Age, Height, Weight, and tv series she played....

Who is Mahassine Merabet? The new daily series of Kanal 7 screens, Esaret (Captivity), is starting very soon. Hira, the female lead in the series of bondage, was very curious. Mahassine Merabet became the female lead actress in the series Bondage. The audience wondered who the beautiful actress who appeared in the first promotional trailer and the poster of the series was. Let's write the details about Mahassine Merabet, the role of Hira, the leading actor in the series of Bondage, for curious viewers.

Who is Hira, the female lead in Esaret series?

Who is the female lead in Kanal 7 series Esaret Hira character? The female lead in the new daily series of Kanal 7 screens, was the subject of curiosity. While Cenk Torun was the male lead in the series, the beautiful actress Hira, who accompanied him, was curious. The beautiful actress of Moroccan origin is playing the lead role of Firuze in the Mahassine Merabet Esaret series. The actress, who draws attention with her beauty, was also on the agenda with her pictures on social media. Kanal 7, which has not fallen off the agenda with TV series such as Yemin and Emanet before, seems to be able to stay on the agenda with the Slavery series. Here is the curious information about the young and beautiful actress of Moroccan origin.

mahassine merabet profile

Who is Mahassine Merabet? 

Mahassine Merabet, who came to our country 3 years ago and appeared as the advertising face of many brands, will appear as Hira as the female lead in the upcoming series of Bondage. The beautiful actress attracted the attention of the producers with her acting training. Moroccan actress Tümay Özokur improved her Turkish after receiving training at the Academy. Mahassine Merabet, who says that she speaks Turkish very clearly by watching Turkish series from a young age, has a large fan base on social media. Hira, the actress who will play the lead role in the series of Bondage, seems to reach a large fan base in a short time.

Mahassine Merabet is the daughter of a Moroccan civil servant mother and father. The beautiful actress, who completed her education in the department of media and communication at Muhammed V University, experienced many festivals, conferences and presenters during her student life. Mahassine Merabet, who learned her Turkish from the TV series she watched, also worked as a Turkish - Arabic translator for a while. The actress, who came to our country thanks to a friend she met at the Turkish fair during her university years, completed her master's degree in political science and international relations at Nişantaşı University. After receiving acting training at Tümay Özokur Academy, the actress, who agreed with the production of Karamel, will appear as the female lead in the TV series, Esaret.

Mahassine Merabet, who was born on January 24, 1999, is the daughter of a mother and father who are civil servants. The famous actress can speak Arabic, English and French fluently. Merabet, who has a great interest in swimming, modern and belly dance, has a great admiration for Turkish serials since her childhood. The young actress, who learned and improved Turkish thanks to the TV series he watched, worked as a Turkish and Arabic translator for a while.

Mahassine Merabet, who will take the role of Hira in the series "Esaret", will share the lead role with Cenk Torun. You can see all the actors of the series by visiting our cast of the series Bondage. You can write your questions about Mahassine Merabet, the beautiful Moroccan actress, in the comments section below. Do you think the Escape series will be watched, will it get ratings, do you plan to watch it?

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