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Yalnız Kalpler (Lonely Hearts) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

What is the synopsis of FOX's new series Yalnız Kalpler (Lonely Hearts)? Who are the casts of Yalnız Kalpler, When will Yalnız Kalpler be started?

The new daily series of FOX, starring Nusret Şenay, Özlem Boyacı and Nermin Uğur, starts its adventure on the screen on January 9th. So what is the synopsis of the Lonely Hearts series? Who is in the cast of Yalnız Kalpler? Yalnız Kalpler will start on January 9th?

The countdown has begun for the broadcast date of the new series Yalnız Kalpler, which will meet with the audience on FOX screens. Cevriye Demir sits in the director's chair of the TV series "Yalnız Kalpler", which was designed by Selim Erkul, produced by Bros Film and written by Eylem Akın. "Yalnız Kalpler" series will be broadcast on FOX every weekday at 06 P.M as of Monday, January 9th.

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The new series "Yalnız Kalpler", produced by Bros Film, designed by Selim Erkul, written by Eylem Akın and directed by Cevriye Demir, is getting ready to meet with the FOX audience on Monday, January 9th.

Official Trailer of Yalnız Kalpler 

Cast of Yalnız Kalpler 

In the cast of the series, which was introduced; Ayça Özvardar, Nusret Şenay, Ceylin Ece Kavurkacı, Özlem Boyacı, Elmas Evşen Topçuoğlu, Nermin Uğur, Yasemin Çıtak, Mehtap Öztepe, Ezel Salık, Sena Şahin, Dilek Bozkurt, Taygun Sungar, Serkan Melikoğlu, Elif Gülhan, Bengü Gürses, Furkan Kapsız and There are famous actors such as Elif Gülhan. 

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  1. I cannot wait to watch this series! I love Turkish series, they're all awesome! Hugs from Cape Town South Africa