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The new 7th episode trailer of Gülcemal series has been released! In the end episode; Deva, whom Gülcemal accuses of spying and expelled from the house, gives Gülcemal three days to prove her crime. So what happen in the episode on May 18th?

Gülcemal, starring Murat Ünalmış and Melis Sezen, came to the screen with its 7th episode on Thursday, May 18th. FOX TV's new series Gülcemal managed to attract the attention of the audience with its first episode. The remarkable scenario of the series is written by Eda Tezcan and Selda Akın. Gülcemal, who won the admiration of the audience in a short time on FOX TV screens, was also appreciated with her last episode. So, what will happen in the 7th episode of Gülcemal?

Here, Gülcemal 7th episode trailer and episode summary. Gülcemal, which was broadcast on FOX TV screens, met with the audience on Thursday, May 18, with its 7th episode. Let's see what happened in the 7th episode of Gülcemal? In the end episode; Deva returns home with Gülcemal. Gülcemal's feelings have completely changed. He is far from seeing Gülcemal as a prisoner of his own.

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Gülcemal becomes the person Deva trusts the most. However, the new information that Gülcemal receives causes a rift between the two. Gülcemal's trust in Deva is completely lost. He begins to suspect whether Deva is a spy. Mert and Gülendam's relationship progresses with Deva's return. Armağan comes to Gülcemal's house to hide from his mother. Armağan, who comes face to face with Gülendam, finally begins to understand all these events. Let's see what will happen in the 7th episode of Gülcemal? Here are 7th episode trailer and episode summary of Gülcemal ....

What happen in the end episode?

Deva, whom Gülcemal accuses of spying and expelled from the house, gives Gülcemal three days to prove her crime. While the tension between the two is constantly rising, Zafer fights to get his son, whom he had to leave at Gülcemal's house. The surprise phone call to Gülendam brings the events to an irreversible point. Learning of Gara's terrible plan, İbrahim takes action to take his daughter from that house.

Gülcemal Episode 7 Trailer 

"I came for you ....!"

Gülcemal Episode 7 Summary

Losing both Armağan and Deva, Gülcemal falls into a great silence. It is such a silence that everyone thinks they will give up and leave the city. Deva, on the other hand, hides in her grandfather's house in the village with her father and brother and loses her track. However, a part of him believes that Gülcemal will come and find him. Gulcemal does not come for a month. Over the past few days, the foundations of Mert and Gülendam's relationship have solidified. 

Gülendam decides to tell her husband, whom she is the most honest person in the world, that she has lost the baby. However, shocking news awaits him. Vefa, who delves into Mert's past, learns that his ex-fiancee is Deva and falls into a great dilemma. After Deva's phone call to Gara, Gülcemal comes to the door. However, Deva does not want to talk to him. And Gülcemal kidnaps Deva. Will the one-month-awaited apology be apologized? Or will the two of them part ways forever?

Produced by MF Production, directed by experienced name Yusuf Pirhasan, and written by Eda Tezcan Çalışkan, "Gülcemal" will be on FOX with its 7th episode on Thursday at 08 P.M as of Thursday, May 18th. Read Also All Episode of Gülcemal

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