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Gülcemal Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Movie

What about the synopsis of Turkish Movie Gülcemal? Who are in the cast? What about their character? When will the series be released?

Intermediate preparations for the new season of the channels have begun. In addition to many series that made finals, fell victim to the rating war, and took a new step on the screen adventure, studies are ongoing for different productions. One of them is the series codenamed Gülcemal, which will appear on FOX screens. The leading female and male actors have been announced for Gülcemal movie. Look who Melis Sezen will play in this series .....

FOX continues to work for the new series titled Gülcemal without slowing down. The leading female and male actors of the series have been announced. Melis Sezen, a young talent who shines with her unfaithful series and manages to be on the agenda with her every move, agreed with the Gülcemal series. The series, in which MF Production will be brought to our screens, will bear the signature of Asena Bülbüloğlu. Eda Tezcan will write the script of the series. Melis Sezen, who created wonders with her older partner, Caner Cindoruk, in the TV series Unfaithful, will appear in Gülcemal, and she is a very successful and masterful name!

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Sezen's partner will be the famous actor Murat Ünalmış, whom we watched in the lead role of the TV series Once Upon a Time in Çukurova. Melis Sezen and Murat Ünalmış will share the lead roles in the series codenamed Gülcemal, where Ali Balcı sits in the director's chair. It is a matter of great curiosity how the duo will do. Casting of the series is still in progress. How do you think the partnership between these two will be? Let's meet in the comments! Melis Sezen, who is remembered with her deep character, is asking for a price for her new project! Play in the Sadakatsız series, which marked a period. Murat Ünalmış's Lawsuit Against Kerem Alışık Concluded: The lead actor has been fined

Synopsis of Gülcemal 

Directed by Özgür Selvi and written by Peker Açıkalın and Erhan Can Sezer, the film deals with the life of Gülcemal, who hit the road after the death of her father, whom she had never seen before. Gülcemal sets out for Istanbul in order to receive the inheritance from the place where she lives alone in nature. On the other hand, the Shahbaz family has no other goal than to seize the inheritance. While having fun and funny adventures in Istanbul, where Gülcemal came for the first time, she will also experience great dangers. Peker Açıkalın, Merve Sevi and Cem Kılıç share the lead roles in the movie.

Cast of Gülcemal

Cem Kılıç

Haldun Boysan

Peker Açıkalın

Mehtap Bayri

Merve Sevi

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