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Episode 8 Gülcemal: Trailer And Summary

The new 8th episode trailer of Gülcemal series has been released! In the end episode; Vefa, who delves into Mert's past, learns that his ex-fiancee is Deva and falls into a great dilemma. So what happen in the episode on May 25th?

Gülcemal, starring young actors Murat Ünalmış and Melis Sezen, appeared before the audience with its 6th episode this week. Yusuf Pirhasan sits in the director's chair of Gülcemal, an ambitious production signed by MF Production. The breathtaking scenario of the series is written by Eda Tezcan and Selda Akın. The new episode of the series, which attracted attention on FOX TV screens and managed to get full marks from the audience, was a matter of curiosity. So, what will happen in the 8th episode of the Gülcemal series?

Gülcemal Filming Location: The shooting of the popular TV series Gülcemal is done in Bursa. It is said that the shooting of the next episodes of the series, which started with Gülcemal's return to Bursa, the city where she was born, will continue in Istanbul.

In the end episode of Gülcemal; Gülcemal accuses Deva of spying on Zafer Hanım and kicks her out of the house. Deva wants Gülcemal to prove her guilt! Accused of spying, Deva gets furious and finds a way to prove her innocence. He gives Gülcemal 3 days to prove Deva's guilt. Zafer wants his son back. While the tension between Deva and Gülcemal is increasing, the war between Gülcemal and Zafer Hanım is growing. Zafer Hanım wants her son back, who stayed at Gülcemal's house. 

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Gülcemal receives a surprise phone call. While Mert is afraid that İsmail will say that she is Deva's ex-fiancé, Gülcemal receives a surprise phone call. Gara and Ismail are talking. Ismail learns of Gara's terrible plan. He now realizes that he must take action to save Deva. Nothing will ever be the same again... Here are 8th episode trailer and episode summary of Gülcemal ...

What happen in the end episode?

Losing both Armağan and Deva, Gülcemal falls into a great silence. It is such a silence that everyone thinks they will give up and leave the city. Deva, on the other hand, hides in her grandfather's house in the village with her father and brother and loses her track. However, a part of him believes that Gülcemal will come and find him. Gulcemal does not come for a month. Over the past few days, the foundations of Mert and Gülendam's relationship have solidified. 

Gülendam decides to tell her husband, whom she is the most honest person in the world, that she has lost the baby. However, shocking news awaits him. Vefa, who delves into Mert's past, learns that his ex-fiancee is Deva and falls into a great dilemma. After Deva's phone call to Gara, Gülcemal comes to the door. However, Deva does not want to talk to him. And Gülcemal kidnaps Deva. Will the one-month-awaited apology be apologized? Or will the two of them part ways forever?

Gülcemal Episode 8 Trailer 

"I Believe In Us....."

Gülcemal Episode 8 Summary

Deva's acceptance of working with Gülcemal strengthens the bond between them. Gulcemal lays down the weapon for Deva and promises not to act like a monster anymore. Gulcemal's beginning to change worries everyone, especially Vefa. A large security vulnerability has been given. Zafer lost his son. Armagan left him. The municipality tender was taken from him and he faced a very serious compensation. 

Moreover, the whole city is talking behind his back. While he loses, Gülcemal wins. He prepares a launch for the brand he will establish in partnership with Deva. When Zafer cannot make Armağan forgive himself, he directs all his anger towards Gülcemal. Now is the time to take Deva from him. He decides to complete the job he left unfinished last time. But what he doesn't know is that his son is involved in the deadly plan that he throws Deva.

Produced by MF Production, directed by experienced name Yusuf Pirhasan, and written by Eda Tezcan Çalışkan, "Gülcemal" will be on FOX with its 8th episode on Thursday at 08 P.M as of Thursday, May25th. Read Also All Episode of Gülcemal

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