Episode 11 Gülcemal: Trailer And Summary

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The new 11th episode trailer of Gülcemal series has been released! In the end episode; In the end, the punishment that Gülcemal cuts for Mert and Deva shocks everyone. So what happen in the episode on June 22th?

Gülcemal, the favorite series of FOX screens, has been watched with interest since the first day it was broadcast. Melisa Sezen and Murat Ünalmış are in the lead roles of the series, which fascinates the audience with every episode. The series meets the audience with its new episode every Thursday evening at 20:00. The highly anticipated new episode trailer of the Gülcemal series has been released. Here is the 10th episode trailer of Gülcemal and the summary of the end episode.

In the end episode of the Gülcemal series; Gülcemal makes an important decision to save Deva's life and marries her. However, neither Gülendam nor İbrahim want this marriage, and they do their best to prevent it. Armağan, whose life is in danger with Deva because of his mother, goes to Zafer. While the tension between mother and son gets Zafer in trouble, Gülcemal and Deva confront everyone to get married.

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In the end episode of the Gülcemal series; Zafer does such a thing to Gülcemal that his life suddenly turns upside down. Gülcemal learns that Mert and Deva were previously engaged and a great war begins between her and Mert. Gülendam blames Deva for all this. While Gülcemal takes action to take revenge on everyone who hurt her, she will not treat Deva as before. Here are 11st episode trailer and episode summary of Gülcemal ....

What happen in the end episode?

While Gülcemal is shaken by the truth she learned, the traumas of abandonment about her mother return. No one will be able to stop Gülcemal, who has broken her repentance to weapons. Deva, who is waiting at the wedding table, has no intention of breaking her promise. He is content with the decision that Gülcemal will make about him. She chooses to wait while everyone else tells her to run. In the end, the punishment that Gülcemal cuts for Mert and Deva shocks everyone.

Gülcemal Episode 11 Trailer 

Gülcemal Episode 11 Summary

After the marriage, the monster that Gülcemal tried to hide came out. Deva wants to get rid of this monster she has just met. But getting out of this marriage is no longer so easy. While the news of Deva and Gülcemal's marriage creates a shock wave for everyone, it will open the doors of hell for Gülendam and Mert. Gülcemal makes the house uninhabitable with her rudeness. Mert makes an escape plan. Zafer, who is not satisfied with this marriage, has almost sworn to take Deva from Gülcemal. He decides to introduce Deva to his birth father, whom he has never seen.

Produced by MF Production, directed by experienced name Yusuf Pirhasan, and written by Eda Tezcan Çalışkan, "Gülcemal" will be on FOX with its 11th episode on Thursday at 08 P.M as of Thursday, June 22th at 08 P.M. Read Also All Episode of Gülcemal

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