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The new 10th episode trailer of Gülcemal series has been released! In the end episode;  While Zafer's situation unites the siblings, Deva and Gülcemal confront everyone to get married. So what happen in the episode on June 15th?

Gülcemal, the favorite series of FOX TV screens, came to the screens with its 9th episode last night. The new episode of the series, which met with its loved ones after a week's break, was watched by many people. Gülcemal, starring Murat Ünalmış and Melis Sezen, continues to attract the attention of the audience every week. Eda Tezcan and Selda Akın are the scriptwriters of the series. Gülcemal, who won the admiration of the audience in a short time on FOX TV screens, was also appreciated with her last episode. 

So, what will happen in the 10th episode of Gülcemal? Gülcemal, the favorite series of FOX TV screens, came to the screen with its 10th episode on Thursday, June 15, after a week break. The new episode of Gülcemal began to be eagerly awaited. Gülcemal, who made a name for herself with both her script and her actors, continues to take her place in the rankings. Let's see what happened in the last episode of Gülcemal and what will happen in the new 10th episode?

episode 10 Gülcemal
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In the end episode of Gülcemal; Deva finally agrees to work with Gülcemal. The ties between the two are getting stronger day by day. Gülcemal agrees to give up her gun for Deva. He also promises to act more calmly. These changes of Gülcemal will surprise everyone. Zafer lost his son, and Armağan left him. Also, when the municipality tender is taken from him, he has to pay compensation. Now the whole city is against Zafer.

When Zafer can't make himself forgiven, he vomits his hatred on Gülcemal. Gülcemal also starts working for the brand she founded with Deva. Zafer now plans to get Deva. But he is unaware of his son's existence in this plan. Let's see what awaits the audience in the 10th episode of Gülcemal? Here are 10th episode trailer and episode summary of Gülcemal ....

What happen in the end episode?

After Deva saves her life, Gülcemal makes a decision that shocks everyone. She will marry Deva. However, neither Gülendam nor İbrahim agrees with this decision. Armağan, on the other hand, takes his breath with Zafer after his mother's danger to Deva and hisself. However, the argument between mother and son brings Zafer face to face with death. While Zafer's situation unites the siblings, Deva and Gülcemal confront everyone to get married.

Gülcemal Episode 10 Trailer

"Your Hell Life Begins .....!"

Gülcemal Episode 10 Summary

While Gülcemal is shaken by the truth she learned, the traumas of abandonment about her mother return. No one will be able to stop Gülcemal, who has broken her repentance to weapons. Deva, who is waiting at the wedding table, has no intention of breaking her promise. He is content with the decision that Gülcemal will make about him. She chooses to wait while everyone else tells her to run. In the end, the punishment that Gülcemal cuts for Mert and Deva shocks everyone.

Produced by MF Production, directed by experienced name Yusuf Pirhasan, and written by Eda Tezcan Çalışkan, "Gülcemal" will be on FOX with its 10th episode on Thursday at 08 P.M as of Thursday, June 15th at 08 P.M. Read Also All Episode of Gülcemal

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