Episode 4 Yaz Şarkısı (The Summer Song): Trailer And Summary

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The new 4th episode trailer of Yaz Şarkısı (The Summer Song) has been released! In the end episode; Of course, this plan causes Yaz, who is trying to win Murat's heart, to forget his promise and put Murat in a difficult situation. What happen in the episode on July 30th?

There is excitement for the new episode in the popular series of Fox TV screens, Yaz Şarkısı. Those who want to find out what will happen in the new episode of Yaz Şarkısı series, which includes names such as Nilsu Berfin Aktaş, Şebnem Bozoklu and Tolga Tekin, continue their research on the internet. Here is the 4th episode trailer and episode summary of Yaz Şarkısı ....

The new episode of the newest Yaz Şarkısı series, which will be broadcast tonight, occupies the agenda of the audience. Those who want to learn what will happen in the new episode of the series, which has made a name for itself in a short time, question terms such as Yaz Şarkısı new episode summary, Yaz Şarkısı 4th episode trailer, Watch new Fox TV series Yaz Şarkısı. So what will happen in the new 4th episode of Yaz Şarkısı? Here are the detail ...

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What happen in the end episode?

Things get complicated when the fact that Neriman is Murat's mother is revealed. When Neriman said that I do not accept this girl as a bride; Emine is struggling to understand what is going on. It would be one thing for him to get into trouble by using his own method to soften the atmosphere. Murat is already stuck between his love and his mother. While he was trying to solve this situation, Kemal did not stay idle and planned a surprise that would affect Yaz and relieve him. 

Of course, this plan causes Yaz, who is trying to win Murat's heart, to forget his promise and put Murat in a difficult situation. Yaz, whose balance is mixed with Kemal's closeness, thinks that Murat is doing him an injustice. The words "this boy is in love with you" that he heard around him started to occupy his mind. When he tries to ask for an account for this, what happened to him will put everyone, especially himself, in trouble.

Yaz Şarkısı Episode 4 Trailer 

"This Time I'm at the Bottom ......"

Yaz Şarkısı Episode 4 Summary

Thanks to Aslı's plan, Kemal has fallen out of favor with Yaz. While Yaz feels used and deceived, Murat is the only person who supports her. When none of Kemal's attempts to explain himself to Yaz fail, he has to use force. This move of hers will make Emine think that her daughter has left her and run away and things will get mixed up. The tension between mother and daughter rises when Emine slaps Yaz for the first time in her life, and the slap causes past wounds to open. Emine has made her decision. He will close the house in Istanbul and take his daughter and go to Rize. Almost everyone accepted the situation. But when Yaz learns the truth about Kemal and the company, she decides she has to do something. He turns some dreams into reality with Murat's idea, just like every time he gets stuck.

The new 4th episode of FOX TV's brand new series Yaz Şarkısı will be released on July 30th. Read Also All Episode of Yaz Şarkısı (The Summer Song)

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