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Yaz Şarkısı (The Summer Song) Synopsis And Cast: Fox Turkish Drama

What is the synopsis of Yaz Şarkısı (The Summer Song)? Who are the actors actresses? Is the series an Adapted? When will Yaz Şarkısı Be Released?

With the arrival of summer, television channels are also preparing to enter a new season. Many new productions will meet with the audience in the summer season. Channels also started to share information about their series before the new season. Yaz Şarkısı series, which will be on FOX TV screens, has already been a matter of curiosity. So what is the synopsis of Yaz Şarkısı, who are its casts?

Synopsis of Yaz Şarkısı

Yaz Şarkısı is a romantic comedy genre. Kenan and Murat, two close friends, are two young people interested in music. Murat and Kenan decide to start a music company. But the arrival of a young and beautiful girl named Gul to the company they founded will change both their business and their friendship.

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Is Yaz Şarkısı An Adapted Series? There is no information about the adaptation of Yaz Şarkısı series. Ramazan Demirli, Zafer Özel Çetinel and Görkem Tuzun are the scriptwriters of the series. The story of the series is written by Can Sinan. Doğa Can Anafarta is in the director's chair of Yaz Şarkısı series. Anafarta was last seen in the series Ego and received great acclaim in a short time.

All Episode of Yaz Şarkısı 

Episode 6   Episode 7   Episode 8   Episode 9   Episode 10

Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Episode 14 Episode 15

Episode 16 Episode 17 Episode 18 Episode 19 Episode 20

When Does Yaz Şarkısı Begin? There is no clear information about the release date of Yaz Şarkısı, a new summer series. The series, which will be broadcast on FOX TV screens, is expected to be set at the end of May. It is expected to meet the audience in June or July.

Cast of Yaz Şarkısı

Nilsu Berfin Aktas as Gül

Mustafa Mert Koç as Kenan

Efekan Can as Murat

Oya Başar as Emine. She is Gül's mother

Yeşim Ceren Bozoğlu as Neriman. She is Murat's mother

Zehra Yılmaz, 

Duygu Karaca, 

Su Şanad, 

Merve Sevin, 

Ömer Kılıç and 

Selin Vardarlı

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