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Episode 7 Yaz Şarkısı (The Summer Song): Trailer And Summary

The new 7th episode trailer of Yaz Şarkısı (The Summer Song) has been released! In the end episode; While Yaz's mind is on his mother on the one hand and on Sinan on the other hand, Murat's mind is only on Yaz. What happen in the episode on August 20th?

The new series Summer Song, produced by Pastel Film and produced by Yaşar İrvül and Efe İrvül, met with the audience with its 6th episode on Sunday, August 13. Immediately after, the 7th episode trailer was also released. The series, which will be the favorite of summer screens, is about the story of Yaz (Nilsu Berfin Aktaş), who clings to her father's dream and tries to make it come true in Istanbul, where she came to read.

Yaz Şarkısı Plot Story
Platonic lovers always want to be in front of their eyes, to do something good for the person they love, to make their life easier. They wait to be seen silently, calmly and without losing hope. But the end of patience is not always salvation. They get angry unless they are seen, shout if they are not heard, and start throwing around unless they are noticed. Just like Summer…

episode 7 yaz sarkisi
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What happen in the end episode?

After the eventful wedding shopping, Neriman and Emine were at the police station while Kemal followed Sinan. Aslı, on the other hand, has already made her plan to convince everyone that Sinan has nothing to do with this issue. This time between Emine and Yaz, Yaz runs away from home. But Emine has now lost her faith and trust in her daughter. While Yaz's mind is on his mother on the one hand and on Sinan on the other hand, Murat's mind is only on Yaz. Although the step he takes to improve his morale causes the two to bond more, Yaz intends to clear up the confusion between them. 

But Alice, who comes to the company the next day, will confuse Yaz this time. Neriman's untimely visit to Murat is about to cause Kemal to learn about the situation between the two of them. Yaz intervenes and removes Kemal from the company. But as he walks away from the company, Kemal has no idea that they will get closer to his past and moreover, that they will be so close to each other. Even though Summer has the opportunity to live the moments she dreams of with the man she loves, she can't let go. This time it can't be the usual Summer...

Yaz Şarkısı Episode 7 Trailer 

"He sold me with the first girl he met ....."

Yaz Şarkısı Episode 7 Summary

Yaz and Kemal's farmhouse adventure affects everyone. The marriage lie between Murat and Yaz begins to be questioned by everyone. In particular, Neriman and Emine's handling of this incident puts Yaz in a difficult position. While Murat is trying to get away from Yaz with his heartbreak, Yaz starts to struggle alone to continue the lie. He hides some things and asks Kemal and Aslı for help. As he builds his new plan to address the questions in Emine's mind, things go wrong and he finds himself in the biggest void of his life...

The new 7th episode of FOX TV's brand new series Yaz Şarkısı will be released on August 20th. Read Also All Episode of Yaz Şarkısı (The Summer Song)

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