Barış Arduç Will Be A Star In The New Turkish Series Which Will Be Broadcast On Star Tv

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Barış Arduç returns to the sets, his highly anticipated new series has been announced. Barış Arduç Will Be A Star In The New Turkish Series Which Will Be Broadcast On Star Tv .....

Barış Arduç, one of the successful male actors of the screens, is preparing to appear before the audience with a new project. Arduç will play in the series to be broadcast on Star TV. The last project of the famous actor Barış Arduç, Alparslan: After the Great Seljuk series, it became clear that he will take a new role in the production.

Barış Arduç last appeared on the screen with the TV series Alparslan: The Great Seljuk. The series, in which we watched Arduç as Alparslan, was watched a lot last season. Arduç, who made his acting speech in the series, left the staff, and his new project became a matter of curiosity. According to the news of Birsen Altuntaş; Barış Arduç's address has been announced, the famous name will enter the new season like a bomb.

Barış Arduç new series

Who is Barış Arduç's Partner?

Barış Arduç, a successful actor in the TV series and film industry, is preparing to return to the sets after a short summer vacation with his family. The handsome actor, whose new project is eagerly awaited, comes in a completely different role this time. Arduç, one of the actors who received the most job offers, shook hands with OGM Pictures, one of the leading production companies in the industry. 

The successful actress will play the leading role in the company's new ambitious series for Star TV. Thus, Arduç will have returned to Star TV years later, where he shot "Kiralık Aşk", where he experienced his first big rise in his career. It is said that Arduç's partner is not yet known.

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