Episode 3 Sandık Kokusu (Smell of Chest): Trailer And Summary

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Sandık Kokusu (Smell of Chest) 3rd episode trailer has been released! In the end episode; After the big debate, Karsu will have to make the most radical decision of her life. What happen in the episode on December 20th?

The trailer for the third episode of the TV series Sandık Kokusu, starring Özge Özpirinçci and Demet Akbağ, has been released. Details about the Sandık Kokusu series, which started broadcasting on Show TV, are curious. So, has the trailer for Sandık Kokusu episode 3 been released? When is the new episode of Sandık Kokusu?

The first episode of the TV series Sandık Kokusu, starring Özge Özpirinçci and Demet Akbağ, was released. The first episode of the series started on Wednesday, December 6, on Show TV. The third episode trailer of Sandık Kokusu has been released. The new episode of Sandık Kokusu will be broadcast on Show TV on Wednesday, December 20. The series brings together the audience with its deep characters, a strong woman's struggle to survive, the difficult journey of becoming a family and becoming free despite the burdens from the past.

episode 3 sandik kokusu
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In Sandık Kokusu casts; Bringing together master names such as Özge Özpirinçci, Demet Akbağ, Metin Akdülger and Necip Memili, the series will bring to the screen with an impressive narration the story of Karsu, a mother of three children, coming from Adana to Istanbul after a great trauma and holding on to life again. Özge Özpirinçci and Demet Akbağ will be on the screens as mother and daughter in Sandık Kokusu, produced by O3 Media and written by Melis Civelek and Zeynep Gür.

What happen in the end episode?

Which further increases the curiosity for the second episode, Karsu, who learns that Reha is cheating on her, leaves the house and heads to Istanbul with her children and goes to her aunt's house. While it is noteworthy that Filiz accidentally sees Kuzey, what will happen after this shocking moment is awaited with great excitement. While Arsu finding her son is a miracle for her, it is a big change for the children. Kuzey cannot get used to his new family and does not want them. The tension at home spreads to Karsu and Reha. After the big debate, Karsu will have to make the most radical decision of her life.

Sandık Kokusu Episode 3 Trailer 

Sandık Kokusu Episode 3 Summary

Filiz and Karsu meet years later in Cennet Sitesi. Karsu has no choice but to move in with her mother, Filiz will convince her to live together for a while. Beginning to understand that his wife will not return, Reha goes to Istanbul and tries to persuade Karsu to return. While Karsu deals with the children's problems, she also tries to cope with what Reha has done. Karsu meets Filiz's tenant Atilla in an unpleasant way, but the two will become good friends. On the other hand, Atilla raids a place in a very different way than it appears on the website. 

Sandık Kokusu who tells about the problematic relationship between mother Filiz and her daughter Karsu and the conflict between them. Sandık Kokusu is on Show TV with its 4th episode on Wednesday December 27th  at 20.00!. Read Also All Episode of  Sandık Kokusu (Smell of Chest)

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