Episode 2 Gaddar (The Wicked): Trailer And Summary

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The new 2nd episode trailer of Gaddar (The Wicked) has been released! In the end episode; After Dağhan decides to join the military, his lover Aydan has participated in a beauty contest make him very disapointed .... What happen in the episode on January 26th?

The first episode trailer of the series Gaddar, starring Çağatay Ulusoy, Onur Saylak and Sümeyye Aydoğan, has been released. Details about the Gaddar series, which is expected to be broadcast on FOX TV, are curious. Produced by Ay Yapım, When will Gaddar episode 2 trailer be released?

Dağhan (Çağatay Ulusoy), who returns home after a long military service, realizes that his life is turned upside down when he encounters the scene he encounters. He faces a reality in which the girl he loves, Aydan (Sümeyye Aydoğan), quietly leaves and his brother Rüzgar (Fatih Berk Şahin) falls into a dark world. Dağhan's life suddenly underwent a brutal change and the story of this transformation began.

While Hürer Ebeoğlu wrote the script of the Gaddar series, Sinan Öztürk sits in the director's chair. Gaddar series, which will be broadcast on FOX TV, debuts with its 2nd episode on Friday, January 26. Here are 2nd episode trailer and episode summary of Gaddar ....

episode 2 gaddar
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What happen in the end episode?

Dağhan is the eldest of a family of three children... He lived a modest life with his family in a middle-class neighborhood. For as long as he can remember, his only goal has been to help his family and make them happy. He had to postpone his own life, even marrying the woman he loved, for them. One day, after a violent argument with his father, Dağhan decides to join the military. As he completes his mission and is about to return, he learns that his lover Aydan has participated in a beauty contest without his knowledge. Unable to control his anger, he breaks up with Aydan, leaves his military service and joins the special operation.

After some traumatic events he experienced, he returns to his hometown to take some time off. But he can't find anything as he left it. His estranged girlfriend Aydan has disappeared. They have such a passionate love with him that even when they are apart, they are not completely separated, so it is very hard for Dağhan not to be able to find her... His family is dispersed... He finds out that his sister ran away with a man, his brother left school and got involved in dirty business, his father and mother are offended. It turns out that he was the one who kept the house standing, but when he left, everything fell apart. 

Gaddar Episode 2 Trailer 

'' You're Nothing to Me Now, Girl .....!''

Gaddar (The Wicked) Episode 2 Summary

Dağhan decides to do the job given by the Manager in order to protect Samet's family and comes to Yüksel's house, but he encounters someone he never expected, Aydan, his girlfriend from whom he broke up. While trying to get over the disappointment, spooky people raid the house, and Aydan and Dağhan find themselves in the middle of danger. 

While trying to escape this danger, they desperately try to repair their shattered love. Dağhan is busy gathering his dispersed family on the other side. He picks up Rüzgar, who got into trouble and was sent to the police station, and takes him home, trying to reconcile him with his father. While he wants to find his sister Yağmur, who is said to have run away with a man, the new goal given by the Director pulls him into another dead end. Dağhan makes new and stronger enemies. 

Gürkan is almost sure that Dağhan has something to do with Samet's death and does not let go. While Dağhan was dealing with the new task given by the Director, he learns that Zafer, whose brother he killed, escaped from the hospital and goes after him. Zafer goes to Dağhan's house to take her revenge.

Gaddar Episode 2 video is online. The series features Çağatay Ulusoy and Sumeyye Aydogan will be released on January 26th. Read Also All Episode of Gaddar (The Wicked)

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