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What is the synopsis of the series of Gaddar (The Wicked)? Who are the actors and actresses? When will the series "Gaddar" start? On which channel will the series "Gaddar" be broadcast?

The fans wondered when Gaddar series would start. Research on the synopsis and casts of the new series gained momentum. What is the synopsis of the series Gaddar? Who are the actors of the series Gaddar? When will the series "Gaddar" start? On which channel will the series "Gaddar" be broadcast?

Research continues on the subject and actors of the series Gaddar. It is curious when the Gaddar series will start. So, what is the subject of Gaddar series? Who are the actors of the series Gaddar? When will the series "Gaddar" start? On which channel will the series "Gaddar" be broadcast? Here is the release date...

Çağatay Ulusoy is back

Famous actor Çağatay Ulusoy, who made a name for himself with the Netflix series he starred in, shook hands with Ay Yapım to return to the screens. Famous actor Çağatay Ulusoy last appeared in front of the audience in the TV series "İçerde", which was broadcast on Show TV between 2016-2017 and shared the lead role with Aras Bulut İynemli, Çetin Tekindor and Mustafa Uğurlu. Ulusoy, who has signed many serials broadcast on different platforms since then, will be on the set for television after a long break.

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Ulusoy, who received many offers for television, made her decision for the series that she will appear on the screen after the projects 'Hakan: Guard', 'Paper Lives', 'Yeşilçam', 'Tailor' and 'Gentleman' and 'Kübra', the shootings of which were completed in the past weeks. . The actor signed with Ay Yapım, with whom he worked in the TV series "İçerde".

According to the news of journalist Birsen Altuntaş; Çağatay Ulusoy will be on the set soon for the TV series "Gaddar", which Ay Yapım will shoot for FOX. Ulusoy will play a young man named 'Levet' in the series that will be shot by Sinan Öztürk, the director of 'Pit' and 'Üç Kuruş' and written by Hürer Ebeoğlu.

Synopsis of Gaddar (The Wicked)

Hürer Ebeoğlu, who is the screenwriter of series such as Kaçak and Dila Hanım, will write the script of the series. The grim series will tell an action-packed family story. The life of Dağhan (Çağatay Ulusoy), who comes home from his long military service, is no longer the same as he left it. The girl he loved, Aydan (Sümeyye Aydoğan), left without telling him, and his brother Rüzgar (Fatih Berk Şahin) fell into a dark world. Erkin Koray's song "Gaddar" accompanies the introduction of the series, which tells the story of Dağhan's transformation into cruelty in his life, which suddenly turns upside down.

All Episode of Gaddar (The Wicked)

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Cast of Gaddar (The Wicked)

Aras Bulut İynemli and Çağatay Ulusoy will take the leading roles in the series, although the cast of the series is not fully clear. Names such as Aytaç Uşun and Uğur Yıldıran are among those who are certain to appear in the series.

Release Date of Gaddar (The Wicked)

The Gaddar series is scheduled to meet the audience on FOX TV screens in January 2024. The trailer of the series has not been released yet.

Song of Gaddar (The Wicked)

The song "Gaddar" by master artist Erkin Koray, who passed away recently, will be used in the series, which will bring to the screen "Levent, who left his loved one and family behind and went to the army, turns into a cruel man as a result of finding himself in the events that he never expected on his return".

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