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Episode 4 Gaddar (The Wicked): Trailer And Summary

The new 4th episode trailer of Gaddar (The Wicked) has been released! In the end episode; Dağhan finds his father unconscious and his mother and brother at the end of the barrel pointed by Zafer.  What happen in the episode on February 9th?

Has the trailer for Gaddar episode 4 been released? The question is being researched and wondered on search engines by the viewers who are eagerly waiting for the 4th episode after the 3rd episode is broadcast. Has the trailer for the 4th episode of Gaddar, which brought Çağatay Ulusoy back to the television screens after a long break and received great acclaim with its first trailer in the past weeks, been released? It is wondered. Here is the link to watch the new episode trailer of Gaddar series!

Where is Gaddar filmed? Gaddar TV series is shot in Istanbul. It is also planned to shoot some scenes of the series in Şanlıurfa. The eagerly awaited first trailer of FOX's new series 'Gaddar', produced by Ay Yapım, has been released. The trailer shared from the series starring Çağatay Ulusoy, Sümeyye Aydoğan and Onur Saylak gives clues about the harsh world of 'Gaddar'. Gaddar series will meet the audience on FOX TV and the broadcast time is planned to be 20.00.

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What happen in the end episode?

When Dağhan returns home, he finds his father unconscious and his mother and brother at the end of the barrel pointed by Zafer. While Dağhan is trying to get rid of Zafer's trouble, during the events, his family learns that Dağhan killed Zafer's brother. Dağhan asks his father for help, but Davut is stuck between his son and his conscience. He decides to report Dağhan to the police.

Despite all his pressure, Gürkan could not get a confession from Aydan, so he released him and continued to watch him. Even though Aydan resists not to give Dağhan away, the anger between them never subsides. Şengül, on the other hand, could not recover after the loss of the money that her husband died for and which was her only guarantee. Aydan does not leave Şengül alone. Samet's brother comes to Şengül's door. He tries to take Umut, whom he considers his brother's trust, from Aydan and Şengül by force. This ambition puts Umut in danger of death.

Gaddar Episode 4 Trailer 

'' You Will Suffer the Consequences .....!''

Gaddar (The Wicked) Episode 4 Summary

When Dağhan goes to kill Enver, who is the biggest risk for his family, he encounters a surprise he never expected. He learns that his brother Yağmur is with Enver. Moreover, the girl is pregnant. Yağmur gets sick because of the tension between Enver and Dağhan. Two enemies trying to kill each other are forced to team up and try to get him to the hospital. After the last events he experienced, Dağhan's psychology deteriorates further. Moreover, there are things that both his mother and father are hiding from him. He becomes unable to trust anyone. Aydan also has a secret that she is hiding from Dağhan. Hoping that things will get better between them, she makes an offer to Dağhan.

Akbar has now learned the secret that Enver persistently kept. His father's reaction is harsher than he expected. She is strongly against her son marrying Yağmur. He made a promise to his best friend, he wants Enver to marry his daughter. The showdown between father and son escalates. Ekber Baltacı is not a man to be persuaded by talking, so battle axes come out. On the other hand, Şengül has now returned to her home, but the landlord wants to evict them because she cannot get the rent. The only person who can help them is Dağhan. Aydan does not like Dağhan spending time with Şengül.

Gaddar Episode 4 video is online. The series features Çağatay Ulusoy and Sumeyye Aydogan will be released on February 9th. Read Also All Episode of Gaddar (The Wicked)

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