Episode 6 Sandık Kokusu (Smell of Chest): Trailer And Summary

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Sandık Kokusu (Smell of Chest) 6th episode trailer has been released! In the end episode; Karsu finds the chest at the door and thinks that Reha brought it. What happen in the episode on January 17th?

Is the 6th episode of Sandık Kokusu on tonight or not? Why wasn't the new episode of Sandık Kokusu, which airs on Show TV every Wednesday evening at 20.00, not on the screen this evening? Since the new episode has not been broadcast, the audience is looking for answers to the questions "Why is there no Sandık Kokusu" tonight? When is the new episode of Sandık Kokusu? The broadcast day of the series The answers to the questions "When? Has Sandık Kokusu been taken off the air? Has the trailer for the 6th episode of Sandık Kokusu been released?" Here are the detail ....

While TV series fans were eagerly waiting for the new episode of Sandık Kokusu, which is broadcast on Show TV every Wednesday evening, they noticed that a repeat of the series was broadcast this week instead of the expected new episode. The audience is waiting to get clear information about when the 6th episode of Sandık Kokusu will be broadcast and about the future of the series. For series fans who follow all these developments, it has become a matter of great curiosity whether the trailer for the 6th episode of Sandık Kokusu has been released or not. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions in our news. 

episode 6 Sandik kokusu
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In the new episode; Where Karsu's little daughter Selin's birthday is celebrated, Karsu finds a job and starts working. While Reha pays Filiz's hospital debt; The audience is surprised when Filiz speaks positively to Karsu about Reha and says that she regrets it. The most striking part of the trailer is the moment when Karsu sees Reha and Tılsım with Hande. What Karsu will do is eagerly awaited. Here are 6th episode trailer and episode summary of Sandık Kokusu ....

What happen in the end episode?

When Atilla says that he is hiding because he is afraid of the thief, the family is convinced. Karsu organizes a small celebration to convince Tılsım about public school. Atilla, who came to celebrate, takes his gun from the closet under the excuse of playing with Deniz after everyone leaves. Karsu finds a job in a clothing store to pay for her school fees, and while she is organizing and tidying up the clothing store she will be working in, Atilla comes to help.

Reha pays Filiz's hospital debt in order to conquer the castle from within. Karsu calls her mother-in-law to get the children's chest, and when she receives a negative response, Atilla instructs his men to bring the chest. Karsu finds the chest at the door and thinks that Reha brought it. Reha takes the opportunity to take charge of the ballot boxes and invites Karsu to dinner. When Karsu goes to dinner with divorce papers, she goes crazy and takes Tılsım from school. When Tılsım wants to stay with her father, Karsu will face different realities.

Sandık Kokusu Episode 6 Trailer 

'' If you scratch the wound, it won't heal ....!''

Sandık Kokusu Episode 6 Summary

When Tılsım decides to stay with her father, Karsu has to leave him. When he drops Deniz off at school, he realizes that Tılsım hasn't arrived and gets angry. They go to their respective lawyers. Reha makes a custody plan in case of divorce. He tries to win the children over to his side and takes them to the aquarium. This job is harder than you think. Three children suddenly drive Reha crazy. When Filiz gets tired of constantly taking care of Selin, Karsu decides to look after a kindergarten. When he cannot afford kindergarten, he will come and clean some days in return, and he will not tell Filiz about this situation.

After learning that the site manager's salary is high, Filiz decides to become a manager because of her increasing expenses. He collects votes by doing some tricks. While the friendship between Atilla and Karsu continues, Atilla goes to see his father in prison. His father directs Atilla for a business deal, and he meets Lale as an official at the company he goes to. Meanwhile, Filiz exchanges her last remaining gold bracelet for Botox. He meets his eldest daughter Irmak at the door of the aesthetician he goes to. All of Filiz's experiences pass before her eyes like a movie strip.

Sandık Kokusu who tells about the problematic relationship between mother Filiz and her daughter Karsu and the conflict between them. Sandık Kokusu is on Show TV with its 6th episode on Wednesday January 17th  at 20.00!. Read Also All Episode of  Sandık Kokusu (Smell of Chest)

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