Sandık Kokusu Episode 5 Release Date Has Changed!

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When will Sandık Kokusu Show TV's series, produced by O3 Medya Episode 5 be released? Sandık Kokusu Episode 5 Release Date Has Changed ...!

In the end episode; Where the moments where Karsu and Filiz confront each other and say harsh words to each other are shown, the friendship that begins between Karsu and Atilla, who are having dinner alone, draws attention. While Atilla was ordering a man to be taught a lesson, the sight of Reha being attacked brought to mind, "Did Atilla do something to Reha?" brings the question. On the other hand, it is eagerly awaited how the balance will change with the arrival of Reha's sister Lale.

When Karsu and Filiz met again after many years, there were emotional moments between mother and daughter. Karsu left all her resentments and resentments aside and moved in with her mother for a while. Hearing that Karsu was staying with her mother, Reha went to Istanbul. Reha's efforts to make Karsu forgive her did not yield any results. While Karsu was dealing with her children's problems, she also tried to cope with what Reha had done. 

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Kuzey started to bond with his grandmother Filiz and the tenant Atilla. Kuzey, who loved Atilla, went to him, which caused Karsu great fear. Thanks to this incident, Atilla and Karsu met. The most striking moment of the episode was the sight of an unknown face of Atilla in the final scene. Atilla turned into a completely different person by taking the gun in his hand and wearing a suit. The question of who Atilla really was became a matter of great curiosity. Reha and Lale are discussing Karsu! Reha came to Lale. She talked to Lale about Karsu's behavior towards her. Lale found Karsu right. Lale told her brother that he should not be so impulsive. She said that Reha's harsh attitude and stubbornness would drive Karsu away.

Sandık Kokusu Episode 5 Release Date

Successful names such as Özge Özpirinçci, Demet Akbağ, Metin Akdülger and Necip Memili star in "Sandık Kokusu", the script of which was written by Melis Civelek and Zeynep Gür, the creative consultant of which was Zeynep Günay, and the director of which was Nezaket Coşkun. Sandık Kokusu is on Show TV with its new 5th episode on Wednesday, January 10th at 20.00.

Sandık Kokusu End Episode Summary

Atilla, whose hand was injured during the raid, meets Karsu on his way home. Even though he says the dog bit him, Karsu is not comfortable and they go to the hospital together. This event brings the two closer. Karsu enrolls the children in school and does shopping for the school. However, the costs are more than she thought. Filiz goes to a cheap aesthetician and gets allergic. Karsu hurriedly takes him to the hospital.

They also owe money to the hospital. Karsu explains to the people at home that she will work. Ozan comes to Istanbul and they travel by boat together. While walking at night, Filiz sees Atilla in black returning from a raid and thinks he is a thief. Atilla enters Filizler's house with Deniz's help and hides in the closet. When Karsu opens the cupboard, she encounters Atilla. Read Also All Episode of Sandık Kokusu (Smell of Chest)

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