Episode 10 Sandık Kokusu (Smell of Chest): Trailer And Summary

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Sandık Kokusu (Smell of Chest) 10th episode trailer has been released! In the end episode; Filiz and Karsu confront each other because of Irmak, it is noteworthy that Irmak is at Filiz's house. What happen in the episode on February 14th?

The trailer for the 10th episode of Sandık Kokusu, which airs on Show TV on Wednesday evenings, is curious about the audience. Karsu's first reaction to Irmak trying to enter through the door left open by Filiz. Sandık Kokusu series, starring Özge Özpirinçci and Demet Akbağ, was broadcast on Show TV with its 9th episode. Viewers have already started to wonder about the 10th episode trailer of Sandık Kokusu.

In the end episode; Karsu and Reha finally divorce. While Adnan comes close to the site to see Irmak, an unexpected event occurs. While Deniz wants Ozan to attend the portfolio event at school instead of Reha, Lale calls Atilla and asks why he canceled the job. In the evening, while all the residents of the site are attending the concert event, Atilla is also taking part in the operation. While Ozan comes for the invitation, he is beaten by the men hired by Reha. Atilla, who witnessed this incident while driving by, recognizes Ozan and stops his car.

episode 10 sandik kokusu
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Sandık Kokusu series will be broadcast on Show TV with its 10th new episode next week, on the evening of February 14th. Here are 10th episode trailer and episode summary of Sandik Kokusu

What happen in the end episode?

Filiz and Karsu confront each other because of Irmak, it is noteworthy that Irmak is at Filiz's house. Irmak: "If you hate it so much, why did you open the door?" While Filiz's answer to the question deeply affected the audience; Karsu tells Atilla about Irmak's mistake. What will happen between Filiz, Irmak and Karsu in the new episode is eagerly awaited.

Sandık Kokusu Episode 10 Trailer 

'' What are you doing here .....?''

Sandık Kokusu Episode 10 Summary

Atilla is mad because he caused Ozan's death and he doesn't know what to do. On the other hand, Karsu notices Ozan's sudden disappearance and goes in search of Ozan. When Irmak sees that Atilla is close to Karsu, she asks him for help. Even though Atilla does not want to get involved, what will the advice he gives make Irmak do? Reha rents a house in Cennet Sitesi, takes Hande with her and manages to drive Karsu, Filiz and Türkan crazy. Along with this housework, Lale also starts coming to the site a lot, and this poses a threat to Atilla's identity being revealed. A surprise awaits the residents of Cennet Sitesi, who are preparing for Valentine's Day celebrations.

Sandık Kokusu who tells about the problematic relationship between mother Filiz and her daughter Karsu and the conflict between them. Sandık Kokusu is on Show TV with its 10th episode on Wednesday February 14th  at 20.00!. Read Also All Episode of  Sandık Kokusu (Smell of Chest)

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