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Beautiful Reborn Flower (彼岸花) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

Beautiful Reborn Flower (彼岸花) is a new romantic Chinese drama that airs from May 1, 2020 on the television channel Youku, and Tencent.

The drama also airs on several other streaming channels such as Viki and iQiyi on the same day and hour, every Friday to Monday at 8 pm.

Directed by director Wang Xiaokang and the story is based on one of the famous novels by Annie Baobei from the Mandarin series, Another Me.

The drama which will have 50 episodes starring the famous artist Jelly Lin, who has played in the Chinese film "Mermaid" and the drama series "Fights Break Sphere: Season 1".

This time He will play two twin characters. Song Wei Long from the drama series "Find Yourself" became the main player who became the opposite of Jelly Lin's acting. Read Also Synopsis And Cast of The Twin Flower Legend

Synopsis of Beautiful Reborn Flower

The story is about a painter named Nan Sheng (Jelly Lin Yun) who has fallen in love with a man Lin He Ping (Song Wei Long). Initially Lin Heping, Zhuo Yang, Xu Zhensheng and Ai Sen were good friends at the same university.

Meanwhile, because divorced parents Qiao Man and Nan Sheng who are twins are forced to live separately at a young age. But at that moment, Lin He Ping fell in love with Nan Sheng and vice versa. One day her twin sister Qiao Man moved to their school and became a student exchange student.

Beautiful Reborn Flower
Image via Tencent We TV

At that time Qiao Man fell in love with Lin He Ping, but could only keep her feelings and did not dare to speak to him. Many misunderstandings occurred and made Nan Sheng and He Ping separate.

After a few years, Lin He Ping became a famous curator (the person who oversaw the arts). One day, he met Qiao Man / Joman (Jelly Lin Yun). She has the same face as Nan Sheng and is a mysterious woman.

He Ping began working at the Zhuo Group company and became his colleague Qiao Man. At that time, Qiao Man hoped that He Ping and his twin brother Nan Sheng could get back together, but many incidents happened to them. Read Also Synopsis And Cast of My Dear Destiny

How will the end of their touching love? Will Heping be able to get back together with Nan Sheng or just choose Qiao Man?. Does the decision at the end of the story actually not together with the two?

Details of Beautiful Reborn Flower

Title: Beautiful Reborn Flower / 彼岸花 / Bi An Hua
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Country: China
Director: Wang Xiao Kang
Producer: He Houze
Writer Wang Jing Ru, Li Yan Sheng
Production: Kangxi Pictures, Vision Power
TV channel: Tencent Video, iQiyi, Youku, We TV
Number of Episodes: 50
Airing Period: May 1 2020 - 12 June 2020
Showtimes: Every Friday - Monday at 20:00 CST

Cast of Beautiful Reborn Flower

Lin Yun Jelly as Qiao Man/ Nan Sheng

The famous curator and the little liar; Qiao Man met each other in a foreign country. He Ping was surprised to find that the unique Qiao Man looked very similar to Nan Sheng, who he had loved for years, but had a very different personality. To rediscover this love, Lin He Ping entered Qiao Man's life, which led to the mystery of the past and present.

Song Wei Long as Lin He Ping
A famous curator. He loved Nan Sheng for years but was forced to say goodbye to him. He started a new relationship with Qiao Man, his sister.

Peter Ho as Han Sen
David Wang Yaoqing as An Kai Lun
Hsin Ai Lee as A Li
Xie Binbin as Luo Chen
Feng Bo as Wen Jing
Song Haixie as Ben
Xin Yi as Mo Hui
Kevin Gao as A Guo
Li Ji as Zhou Yang
Iris Dido as Qiao Fang
Yin Qi


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