İyilik (Goodness) Episode 26 Has Changed!

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Why isn't there a new episode of Fox TV series İyilik (Goodness)? When will İyilik Episode 26 Be Released?

Fox Tv İyilik series, which could not get the desired performance from the series it brought to the screen and sent one of its series to the trash every week, decided to make an early finale. After Yasak Elma, which is experiencing its 6th season, the new episode of Fox Tv's longest-running series Goodness will not be broadcast this week. The 26th episode of the series, which was broadcast on Friday evenings and decided to make the final in the 27th episode, was postponed to be broadcast on Friday, January 13th. Series lovers wonder, why is there no 26th episode of Fox TV series İyilik? When will the new episode be released? Flash developments about the goodness series are in our news. 

The goodness series signed by Medyapım has become one of the rare TV series of Fox Tv that can pass the 25th episode. The drama and intrigue series, in which Murat Öztürk sits in the director's chair, meets the audience on Friday evenings. The series, starring İsmail Demirci, Hatice Şendil Sağyaşar, and Sera Kutlubey, came to the screen with its 25th episode last week. The 26th new episode of the adaptation series, which tells about deception and the search for true love, was expected to be broadcast tomorrow evening. However, the new episode of the series will be broadcast on Friday, January 13, as both the New Year's week and the shootings are not completed.

iyilik episode 26
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Fox TV pulled the plug on the show

Fox Tv, which broadcasts the most series in the industry with its adapted series, but is mad with its series that cannot exceed 10 episodes, has made the final decision for its long-running series. Fox Tv, which has not been able to get the desired performance from the series it has brought to the screen for the last two seasons and sends one of its series to the garbage dump almost every week due to the ratings, decided to make an early finale of İyilik series, which it broadcast with great hopes.

İyilik will make the final in the 27th episode

Fox Tv, which could not get any efficiency in the adapted series, but insisted on this issue, pulled the plug of many new series one after the other. It was decided to make an early finale in the 30th episode of the Iyilik series, whose last episode was broadcast on Friday last week, and which could not reach the expected ratings since the day it started broadcasting. The goodness series, which was given another chance at the last moment by the channel management, but could not enter the rating lists in the rating wars, will bid farewell to the screens in the 27th episode, which will be broadcast on Friday, January 20. Read Also All Episode of İyilik (Goodness)

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